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Privacy Policy

Where Markit Systems acts as a Data Controller

For the purpose of this section, the Data Controller is Markit Systems Limited (referred to as “Markit Systems”) of 20 Birchin Lane, EC3V 9DU. This lays out how Markit Systems will handle personal data collected on this website, through people contacting us, through normal marketing activities, and through recruitment and employment processes. Any queries pertaining to data privacy may be addressed to If you believe that we may hold Personal Data and you are the Data Subject you have various rights under relevant legislation including rights of access.
If you have further questions, or wish to make a complaint you should contact Markit Systems’ Operations Director on the above address.

Further Information

This privacy notice does not extend to other sites accessible via links on this website. Where you access other websites via these links you should read the privacy notices contained on those sites and we can take no responsibility for personal data held or processed by the organisations concerned.
The information below describes the purposes and means by which we process personal data and the scope of use and sharing with other parties. The limitations on scope in relation to sharing with other parties do not apply where we are obliged by law or regulation to a party entitled to receive the personal data.

Personal Data Collected on this Website

We use a third party service, Google Analytics, to collect details of website visitor patterns. We do this to understand which pages and information are of most interest to visitors to our site to enable us to update and develop the content on our site.
We do not hold any personal data about visitors to our website and our contract with Google
Analytics does not permit them to do so either.

People Contacting Us

You should be aware that unless we have established Transport Layer Security (TLS) or other
technical means, email traffic between us may be vulnerable to interception.
If an email you sent to us was intended for our sole use and that was made clear to us we will not share it with other parties or provide your contact details.
You should not send us information relating to an insurance policy or claim that we may be processing (where we are acting as a ‘Data Processor’) on behalf of a client of ours; you should address your enquiry to them.

Marketing Activity

By entering into a discussion with us about potential future business activities, you are consenting to us processing your data to facilitate this. We will only use the personal information we may collect to facilitate this.

Contractual Relationships

By entering into a contractual relationship with Markit Systems, we will need to store personal data relating to the people involved in that relationship. These will be held on a contractual basis, and held for the duration of the contract or longer as required by law.

Recruitment and Employment Processes

We need to hold a range of personal data related to employees, provided by employees, and also gathered in the course of employment.
We will have informed you in detail about the personal data we hold or expect to hold, the purposes for which it is processed, and asked you to consent in writing to your personal data being held and processed in this way. We will also have told you about your various rights under the legislation.
If you, or your agent; e.g. a recruitment firm have been in contact with us in relation to a possible
position that did not result in you taking up a position with us, certain personal data will have been shared by you.
If you sent the personal data directly to us we will have acted on the basis that you consented to us holding and processing the data for the purpose of a potential job role. If the personal data was sent to us by an organisation to whom you provided the personal data in relation to employment we will similarly have acted on the basis that you consented to the data being provided. Our policy is to destroy all such personal data within six months of receipt unless we are at that time actively in discussions about a possible specific employment role.

Where Markit Systems acts as a Data Processor

Markit Systems acts as a data processor for other data controllers. In this role, we will only handle personal data in line with the instructions from the Data Controller. Our security measures will be no less than where we operate as Controller.
Any queries or Subject Access Requests (SARs) should be made directly to the Data Controller.

Security Measures

Markit Systems has appropriate policies and technical and organisational measures in place to safeguard and protect personal data against unlawful or unauthorised access, accidental loss or destruction, damage, unlawful or unauthorised use and disclosure. We will also take all reasonable precautions to ensure that our staff and employees who have access to personal data about you have received adequate training.

Third Countries

We may need to transfer your personal data to partners that are located inside and outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”), including in countries that do not provide the same level of protection for personal data as in the EEA. In any case, we will only transfer personal data to recipients that provide an adequate level of data protection or as permitted by applicable data protection laws by implementing appropriate safeguards, i.e. the EU Commission Standard Contractual Clauses for the transfer of data to third countries. By submitting your personal data to Markit Systems when entering into a Contract, or when using our services, you consent to the transfer of such personal data to third countries.

Last updated: 25/05/2018